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Modern Curriculum Press Comprehension Plus Level D

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ISBN: 9781428427037

Learning to identify words and their meanings is only part of reading - your child must also be able to comprehend the information provided in the text. For this reason, your homeschool program will benefit from the inclusion of a curriculum that addresses this skill. Modern Curriculum Press (MCP) Comprehension Plus does just that. By adding this program to your curriculum lineup, you'll provide your child with the means to become a well-rounded and competent reader.

MCP Comprehension Plus helps you design structured lesson plans to achieve the greatest possible success. You can begin each lesson by introducing a new concept. Then you'll be able to provide your child with activities that use the knowledge he or she just learned. This format allows your child to solidify the information, making it a permanent part of his or her reading skills.

MCP Comprehension Plus can also be used in conjunction with other homeschool programs, such as Reading (with Reading Street), Spelling (with MCP Spelling Workout) and Phonics (with MCP Plaid Phonics).

Grade 4 of MCP Comprehension Plus is geared toward beginner- to intermediate -level learners. The content helps your child broaden his or her Comprehension skills. By the time your child completes MCP Comprehension Plus: Grade 4, he or she ideally may be able to:

  • Compare and contrast texts written in different perspectives, such as first versus third person.
  • Use visual tools, such as charts and graphs, that are related to a text.
  • Gather information from numerous sources, including encyclopedias, news articles, library books and the Internet.
  • Discuss opposing viewpoints in texts as portrayed through themes and other topics.
  • Refer to specific characters and settings when discussing a story.

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