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Caribbean Story Book 2 (NET)

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ISBN: 9781408205945
The books provide a clear and comprehensive account of events in the Caribbean from the coming of the Amerindians to the late 1970s. Valuable learning aids are provided at the end of each book, including revisions notes, checks on student's understanding, questions and suggestions for further work and class projects. The books are attractively illustrated throughout. The third edition of Caribbean Story has been updated to take account of revisions and additions to the CXC Caribbean History syllabus, such as the inclusion of Social Life as a distinct syllabus theme, and the extension of the syllabus to cover the period up to 1985.In addition the two books now provide: additional picture resources, often complemented by questions designed to help the students' analysis and evaluation of the material; suggestions at the ends of the chapters for project-type work, aimed at developing students' research skills; an up-dated, modern design which distinguishes clearly between original sources and narrative text;full guidance on the examination and the School-Based Assessment component of the syllabus. Book 2 examines the struggle to build strong societies in the years after Emancipation, up to 1985. Together, the two books form the most complete and popular course in the Caribbean for the study of Caribbean History to CXC.

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